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Splash Alley offers the best prices in Australia to match our wholesale stock prices

We cut-to-order using cad-cut machines, which allows you the greatest flexibility possible when making an order.
We can produce 1 or 1,000's.
In the style department, we provide standard styles for numbers and lettering,

How to get us to Quote you ?
Your Details and Delivery Postcode - We will not quote on any enquiry that does not have this information - this is essential

MINIMUM of 10 Items

Garment Selection ( Label / Code of items / Colour / Number - Please browse catalogues to confirm these

Decide on Size and Colour Most popular size of number is 200mm high. For bigger numbers go 250mm high, for small numbers go 150mm.

Choose a contrasting colour to the jersey, black on white, white on black. EASY. then if required


Logos - Digital Transfers

One Colour/CAD-Cut or Full Colour/Digitally Printed Digital Transfers are like a sticker that can be applied to garments and textiles using heat to create a permanent bond , excellent pricing and quick turn around times,.Digital Transfers are now making their mark as a great alternative to traditional screenprinting or embroidery . If you want to provide logos and branding for swimwear, corporate uniforms and team wear that is more vibrant than other products on the market and doesn't crack after use, digital transfers is what you need to be offering your clientelle

We require a Image :
Preferably an image in vector format (.ai, .eps, etc.). This makes it quicker and easier for our team to setup the job. If the image file is in raster format (.jpg, .bmp, .gif, etc.) we will need to convert the file to a vector format so that it can be processed by our machines. This will incur an additional graphics fee Four

Dimensions Size does matter in this case. Obviously the bigger it is, the more its going to cost. Specifically, we need overall height and width of the design. Five

Quantity We need to know how many you want. The unit price fluctuates based on quantity. The more you order the more cost effective it becomes

Place Your Order Email us at with your requirements

Payment & Delivery :
Once payment is received, your order wil be processed all all files for approval will be sent - no item is decorated without this approval


Q: What is heat application?

A: Heat application is the process used to apply heat-activated CAD-Cut and printed transfers to garments, caps and bags. A commercial HEAT PRESS is the most common piece of equipment used to do this.

Q: What is the difference between CAD-Cut and Printed transfers?

A:CAD (Computer Aided Design) Cut transfers are computer cut from coloured vinyl or flock films.
These type of transfers are only single colour, and are typically used for sports numbering and lettering.

Printed Transfers are digitally printed using our wide format Mimaki or Epson Printers. They are usually full colour, can be made from flock or our stretch materials. These type of transfers are mostly solid in shape ie the badged FORD logo.

Q: What is the difference between flock and stretch transfers?

A: Flock transfers are very soft to touch as they are made from fiberous material eg. polyester, etc. These type of transfers are best used on corporate wear, polos, caps or anywhere a more distinguished logo is required.

Stretch transfers are produced from our rubber or vinyl films. They have great Wash 'n' Wear properties and are ideal for sports wear or large prints on t-shirts.

Q: Can you remove transfers after they have been heat applied?

A: All our Full Colour Printed and CAD-Cut flock transfers are manufactured to go on and last, removing one of these transfer types is very difficult and will often result in damaging the garment.

Our PromaFlex PVC range is suited for sportswear and therefore is the only range designed so that it can be removed using heat.

Q: Can you Iron on transfers/sports numbering and lettering?

A:All our transfers are best applied using a commercial heat press, however our flock transfers can be heat applied successfully using a home-iron so long as our, Ironing on Flock Transfers - application instructions are followed very carefully.

Q: What type of product would be best used on nylon?

A:Nylon is a difficult product to apply to using standard transfers. However, there is now a range of products available specifically for nylon and other difficult to apply to materials.

If you are going to be applying your transfers to nylon let us know in the beginning and we'll be able to advise the best product for the job.

Q: Can a transfer be pressed over another transfer?

A:All of our Flock products can be applied over the top of each other as they are fibrous and the glue bonds very well. Our stretch or vinyl transfers can be carefully applied over the top of each other however care must be taken.

If you need to do so, give us a call and we can advise you on our experiences and ways to best eliminate any potential problems.

Q: When cutting small lettering and designs is there an easy way to weed them?

A:Weeding small lettering and designs can be frustrating however our new ProFlex PU range of flex is great for weeding those small and tricky designs.

It has a tacky carrier which holds down your design making it easier to weed, which means no more lifting and losing small letters!!

Q: What is weeding?

A:Weeding is the process of removing the excess vinyl around and within your transfer.

This step is taken once your transfer has been printed and machine cut (The best way to do this is with a weeding tool which can be purchased through our accessories page).

As weeding is done by hand, there are size limitations to how small parts of your transfer can be cut and weeded. If the weeding you need to do is too small, you are able to apply a contour to the artwork, which you can then colour-match to the item that the transfer is being applied to.

Q: What is a contour?

A: A contour is a block outline around the artwork to make the transfer one patch or block and ther

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