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Syzmik Shorts and Pants

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ZC560 Men's Lightweight Cotton Drill Overall
ZC503 Men's Service Overall
ZC517 Men's FR Hoop Taped Overall
ZC620 Men's Bio Motion X Back Overall
ZW001 Men's Drill Cargo Pant
ZW002 Men's Plain UtilityPant
ZW004 Men's Taped Utility Pant
ZW011 Men's Plain Utility Short
ZW012 Men's Drill Cargo Short
ZW005 Men's Cordura Duckweave Pant
ZW013 Men's Cordura Duckweave Short
ZWL002 Women's Plain Utility Pant
ZWL004 Women's Taped Utility Pant
ZWL011 Women's Plaine Utility Short
ZA018 Knee Pads
ZP509 Ultralite Multi-Pocket Pant
ZS510 Ultralite Multi-Pocket Short
ZP504 Rugged Cargo Pant
ZS505 Rugged Vented Short
ZP507 Stretch Denim Work Jeans
ZP508 Heavy Duty Cordura Stretch Denim Jeans
ZP501R Basic Cargo Pant (Regular)
ZP501S Basic Cargo Pant (Stout)
ZS502 Basic Cargo Short
ZP920 Men's Bio Motion Taped Pant
ZS340 Men's Streetworx Stretch Short
ZS507 Men's Rugged Cooling Short Short
ZP340 Men's Streetworx Stretch Pant
ZP523 Men's Traditional Style Taped Work Pant MODATech® Fabric
ZP522 Womens Taped Cargo Pant MODATech® Fabric
ZP521 Men's Taped Cargo Pant MODATech® Fabric

Syzmik Polos and Shirts

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ZH231 Unisex Day Only Basic Polo S/S
ZH232 Unisex Day Only Basic Polo L/S
ZH233 Day/Night Two Tone Polo S/S
ZH234 Day/Night Two Tone Polo L/S
ZH235 Day/Night Two Tone Hooped Polo L/S
ZH236 Men's Day Only Zone Polo
ZH237 Day Only Squad Polo S/S
ZH238 Day Only Squad Polo L/S
ZH245 Day Only Astro Polo
ZHL236 Women's Day Only Zone Polo
ZH530 Unisex Hi Vis Segmented L/S Polo - Hoop Taped
ZW120 Light Weight Tradie Shirt S/S
ZW121 Light Weight Tradie Shirt L/S
ZW122 Day Only Industrial Shirt
ZW123 Men's Day/Night Industrial Shirt - Hooped
ZW124 Men's Day/Night Industrial Shirt - Shoulder
ZWL123 Women's Day/Night Industrial Shirt - Hooped
ZW128 Unisex Hi Vis Spliced Ruggered Shirt
ZW129 Unisex Hi Vis Spliced Ruggered Shirt - Hoop Taped
ZWL120 Women's Lightweight Tradie Shirt - Short Sleeve
ZH248 Men's Hi Vis Aztec Polo - Short Sleeve
ZH249 Men's Hi Vis Aztec Polo - Long Sleeve
ZH239 Unisex Hi Vis Squad Singlet
ZWL121 Women's Lightweight Tradie Shirt - Long Sleeve
ZW621 Men's Bio Motion X Back Shirt
ZW131 Women's FR Closed Front Hoop Taped Spliced Shirt
ZW132 Men's FR Hooped Taped Spliced Shirt
ZW133 Men's FR Closed Front Hooped Taped Spliced Shirt
ZW134 Men's FR Closed Front Hooped Taped Shirt
ZW137 Men's X Back Taped Spliced Shirt METATech® Fabric
ZW138 Men's Hi Vis Spliced Shirt METATech® Fabric
ZW350 Men's Streetworx L/S Stretch Shirt
ZW400 Men's Rugged Cooling L/Sleeve Shirt
ZW405 Men's Rugged Cooling S/S Shirt
ZW640 Men's Hi Vis Hoop Taped Shirt
ZW815 Men's Rugged Cooling Hi Vis Spliced S/S Shirt
ZW835 Men's Rugged Cooling Taped Hi Vis Spliced S/S Shirt

Syzmik Jackets and Vests

Code Webstore Ordering + Pricing
ZJ350 Unisex Day/Night Quilt Lined Storm Jacket
ZJ351 Day/Night Quilt Lined Flying Jacket
ZJ352 Taped Storm Pant
ZJ353 Day/Night Soft Shell Jacket
ZJ354 Day/Night Light Weight Zip-In Vest
ZJ355 Day/Night Light Weight Jacket
ZT460 Unisex Day Only Fleece Jumper
ZT461 Unisex Day/Night Fleece Jumper - Hooped
ZT462 Unisex Day/Night Fleece Jumper - Shoulder
ZV999 Unisex Day/Night Basic Vest
ZT467 Multi-Pocket Hoodie
ZT464 Day Only Full Zip Hoodie
ZT465 Hi Vis Crew Sweatshirt
ZT466 Hi Vis Half Zip Pullover
ZJ357 Ultralite Waterproof Jacket
ZV998 Hi Vis Full Zip Vest
ZV358 Men's Hi Vis Lightweight Fleece Lined Vest
ZJ900 Men's FR Arc Rated Anti Static Waterproof Jacket
ZJ420 Unisex Hexagonal Puffer Jacket
ZJ680 Unisex Hi Vis 2 in 1 X Back Soft Shell Jacket
ZJ532 Men's Hi Vis 4 in 1 Waterproof Jacket
ZT810 Unisex Streetworx Stretch Micro Fleece 1/4 Zip
ZT360 Unisex Streetworx Reinforced Knit Hoodie
ZT481 Unisex Hi Vis Pullover Hoodie