Splash Alley


Request for samples

Whilst it would be nice for us to send out goods for samples to all our clients on request
This is not feasible - Why ?


  • Because we dispatch all goods as new.
  • We are governed by our new garment policy.
  • The administrative costs involved due to those who do not return samples.
  • The administrative costs involved in ordering and dispatching samples.
  • The administrative costs dealing with return authorities and associated paperwork
  • Restocking fees charged by our suppliers make sampling not a viable option

Note : Each Label Range has minimum delivery and handling fee of $16.00 + gst

All Samples must be purchased - no samples will be dispatched unless invoiced and fully paid for.

Samples may be returned for decoration if required.

All samples are sent out as per the listed price plus delivery fee if applicable.

If you have any further enquires on samples please contact Splash Alley Customer Service Team

All sales are subject to Splash Alley's Terms and Conditions.

All Invoices requested and issued are acknowledged as the purchaser agreeing to these terms and conditions of sale.