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Splash Alley's online ordering

Labels which are Web Store based: All orders have to placed through the respective Web Store that relates to the Label / Product line required

Those Labels whom as yet we do not have Web Stores set up for may email us your Order / Enquiry

1/ Take note of which label styles or printing product required for purchase - go to online catalogues to confirm colours and sizing is current and correct

2/ Email Splash Alley with your order be sure to fill out your billing and delivery details

Cut and paste the below into a email to :

Invoice name :
Delivery address :
Location /Suburb :
State :
Post Code :
Phone Number :

Label name :
Garment Code ( s ) :
Colours :
Sizing :

3/ You will be emailed an invoice with stock confirmation and delivery details.

4/ Payment of invoice in full into our commonwealth bank account (preferred )

By credit card - link provided on message body of the emailed invoice
Splash Alley encourages BSB - Cheque - or Deposit into our Commonwealth bank account

5/ Dispatch of goods will then occur.

Splash Alley has a minimum delivery and handling fee of $16.00 + gst
Please note if you order from more than one Label each order is a invoice

Each invoice will have a delivery fee - these are determined by the size of the order and the delivery location.

Delivered free Australia wide for all orders of $700 plus*
*per supplier - stock only to one delivery point only

Splash Alley's payment process

Splash Alley preferred method of payment is by direct deposit into our nominated account

These details will be included in your invoice.

Splash Alley also accepts credit card payments by Bankcard, Visa or Mastercard

A link to our Paymate Express Account will be included on your invoice

Paymate are a third party and Fees do apply : these will be shown at the time on the transaction payment page before payment - These credit card fees are non refundable under any circumstances

All sales are subject to Splash Alley's terms and conditions we recommend you read these - any invoices issued is acknowledged as the purchaser agreeing to these terms and conditions of sale and are legally binding.

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