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Splash Alley offers the most consistently competitive prices in Australia to match our wholesale
stock prices.

Quality Embroidery Operations out of : Adelaide - Brisbane - Melbourne - Perth - Sydney


If you require an embroidery quote please forward :

Embroidery Art Files - EPS or PDF are preferred / We also accept - .jpg .jpeg .png. .gif .tiff
Embroidery Files : .DST or .EMB - No set up fees apply if this format is supplied.

Dimensions of the required embroidery to accurately calculate a stitch count and ascertain if
digitization costs are to be charged to you.


Webstore Orders - Free Set up on 30 Items.
General - Set up fees (once only)) are $50.00 +gst up to 10,000 stitches - $60.00 + gst if over
10,000 stitches.

File Alterations usually require sampling for approval.

Alterations may be free of charge, or a fee of $10.00 - $30.00 + gst may be charged depending on
the alterations required.

Clients charged set up fees can be sent their Embroidery file for ownership at their request.

TEXT digitisation may be free of charge or may incur a fee up to $50.00 + gst- this is dependant on the
format or size of their required text.

Repeat orders are charged at a unit price only.

All set up costs / embroidery and stock items to paid for in full before sending any order to

All embroidery files need to be approved before Splash Alley will complete the embroidery order -
these files are emailed for approval.

A sample embroidery then can be sent to the client on request.

No garment will be embroidered until Splash Alley has client approval in writing.

Splash Alley provides the stock only to our Embroiderers - these stock sales are non refundable
once delivered for embroidery.

Splash Alley reserves the right to refund any embroidery costs only associated with any garment
marking - all stock sent to our embroiderers is non refundable once embroidered.

Splash Alley requires in writing any shortages or if any embroidered item is not up to the quality
required within 24hrs of receipt and reserves the right to either replace or refund those items only.

Splash Alley is not responsible for any embroideries on thin materials in which the client has
insisted these items to be embroidered - on rare occasions some needle damage may occur -
especially large or heavily stitched embroideries.

All freight costs associated with returns are at the clients expense>

If garment replacement is approved Splash Alley will freight these garments to the client at Splash
Alley's expense.

All other returns will be at the clients expense.

If the above conditions do not meet with your requirements we suggest you use an Embroiderer in
close proximity to your location - please use SPLASH ALLEY to provide the stock only

All sales are subject to Splash Alley's terms and conditions.