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Your Details and Delivery Postcode - We will not quote on any enquiry that does not have this information - this is essential

MINIMUM of 10 Items

Garment Selection -The Label / Code of items / Colour / Number
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Quantity - We need to know how many you want .
The unit price fluctuates based on quantity. The more you order the more cost effective it becomes

Your Artwork requirements for us :
Artwork for T shirt printing should be at least 300dpi
Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator Files PS, and EPS files are preferred
Fonts must be converted into outlines.

Artwork :
Files must be in a image format : PSD, AI, EPS, JPEG, PNG, TIFFS, GIF's at 300 dpi or similar and of correct print size or larger
Artwork for Dark T shirt Printing should have a transparent background.

Any relevant information you wish to provide us about your order

Do not supply art formats described below:

Scanned images, Word documents or Power Point Documents.

PDF Files are not suitable as they are for read only purposes.

Dimensions are to fit into these below three sizing ranges
9.5cm x 9.5cm / 14cm x 17cm / 28cm x 34cm

If you cannot provide correct art :

Results will only be as good as art received.
Designs to be printed that are less than 300 dpi are done so at customer request and the customer acknowledges - the print results are not covered by any replacement policy and accepts all risks associated with printing such art.

Splash Alley reserves the right to refuse to print :
Inferior art or offending material Material.
Material that does not meet legal requirements

Please email all art to : info@splashalley.com

Maximum file size 7mb

Once payment is received, your order will be processed all files for approval will be sent - no item is decorated without this approval

All sales are subject to Splash Alley's terms and conditions.